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Professor Whys' Powerful Adventure is packed with original music and engaging science demonstrations designed to help students learn about how electricity is produced for our communities. We'll also look at some cleaner, greener alternatives to traditional ways of producing electricity, such as wind, solar, and even human power!

Mik Jacobs wrote and directs Captain Conservation Saves the Day!, a live show about energy conservation for Grades K-3. Now, he's focusing his theatrical energy and science presentation skills on this original, live 45 minute presentation. Professor Whys is not a video program, lecture or magic show. It's a solid look at science using nationally and internationally recognized science benchmarks for the study of energy. Unique and safe stage demonstrations allow for lots of audience participation and fun while learning. We'll even be generating electricity live on stage!

Book early as Professor Whys' schedule will fill up quickly. To learn more about this show and how to schedule Professor Whys' Powerful Adventure for your school, click on the BOOK A SHOW tab.

The Presentation

  • Show Length - Approximately 45 minutes
  • Setup Time - 30 minutes
  • Take-Down Time - 30 minutes
  • Teachers, assistants, or administrators must remain with students at all times.


  • Room should be climate-controlled and have standard electrical outlet available within 25 feet of the performance area.
  • Performance area required is 10 feet by 10 feet. Seating should all face the performance area with the first row beginning a minimum of 6 feet away.
  • A stage is preferred, but not required.


  • Developed for Grades 4th through 8th.
  • Preferable audience size is 150 or more students.


  • Professor Whys arrives with costume, guitar, microphone stand, and all unique demonstrations.
  • Access to your sound system is preferred along with a hand-held microphone. A corded mic also is acceptable.

Media Suggestions - You are welcome to invite television or newspaper coverage.