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Professor Whys' Power Adventure is now booking.

Professor Whys is ready to perform his science based Powerful Adventure program at your school, on a fee basis. Please review our faq's below and contact us to book your show today!

phoneTo schedule the Professor Whys Power Adventure show, please call Mik Jacobs at 407.761.7469

During the 2011/2012 school year, school shows presented by Mik Jacobs surpassed the One Half Million mark for the number of students and teachers who have enjoyed Professor Whys and Captain Conservation. We are happy to continue our tradition of presenting great science assembly programs throughout the country. This year, Professor Whys is expanding his Powerful Adventure show and bringing back, by popular demand, a segment on the science of static electricity featuring on stage demos with his Van De Graaf generator. You won't want to miss this hair raising experience!

How will I know a show has been scheduled for my school?

  • A confirmation e-mail will be sent to those who successfully schedule a presentation of Professor Whys' Powerful Adventures.

  • Confirmed shows will also receive an e-mail reminder approximately one week prior to their established presentation date.

Schedule Professor Whys' Powerful Adventures today for your elementary, intermediate, or middle school, corporate, community, or other special event.

What if we can't keep our scheduled show date and time?

Things do change, so if your school is unable to have Professor Whys visit on your assigned day, please let us know right away. We will attempt to work out an alternative date/time, but this cannot be guaranteed due to extreme demand for this show. However, we would be able to offer the show to another school if given sufficient notice.